AnywhereTS is now open-source

Anywherets is now an open source project. Until the first release of the open source version, you are welcome to download the unlimited commercial version of AnywhereTS for free from this site. This version can be used without restrictions for commercial and non-commercial use as long as you like . Please go to the download page for license information.

The open source version of AnywhereTS can be found at http://anywherets.sourceforge.net/


As of 1 Sept 2009 AnywhereTS is out of business. It is no longer possible to buy products or obtain support.


AnywhereTS is a configuration tool to create and deploy thin-clients, utilizing ordinary office PCs as clients. Your organization can re-use already existing office PCs instead of, or in addition to using dedicated thin clients.


  • Supports Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Server 2000 as Terminal Servers
  • Installs and configures TFTP and DHCP servers as needed
  • Supports network boot via a PXE enabled network card
  • Supports local boot via hard disk, USB flash drive or from a bootable CD-R
  • Allows users to connect to a Windows Terminal Server using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC or TSC) using the RDP protocol, or to a Citrix XenApp server (aka Citrix Metaframe, Citrix Presetation Server) using the Citrix ICA protocol.
  • Supports configuration of client PC graphics and sound
  • Supports international keyboard layouts
  • Supports adding custom boot pictures displayed during client boot

How does it work?

AnywhereTS is a wizard-style simple tool that will create a bootable soft thin client image. This image is booted on the end user office PCs either over the network (PXE network boot) or from a CD, hard disk or USB flash drive. The soft thin client will automatically connect to the server and present the end user with a login screen. To the end user, it looks and works just like their regular office PC always has. There is no end user retraining needed.

For network boot, everything needed to boot the PC is loaded over the network and the client PC operating system on the harddisk is not modified. This makes it possible to revert the PC back to the local operating system at any time. There never is any point of no return.

AnywhereTS is installed on a workstation PC and is used for the configuration and monitoring of the client PCs. There is no modification of the Terminal Server configuration.

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What do I need?

  • A Microsoft Windows Server with Terminal Server
  • Common office PCs to use as soft thin-clients
  • The free AnywhereTS configuration application. Download from here.
Don't have a Terminal Server yet? Try the 15 minute quick tour, which only requires a workstation PC with either Windows Vista or Windows XP Pro to simulate the Terminal Server, and an office PC to use as the thin client.


What is your preferred boot method for thin client PCs?