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How to evaluate AnywhereTS - the 15 minute way

Heard about thin clients but never seen one? Don't know if AnywhereTS is right for you? You don't need a Terminal Server just to try what thin clients is like - you can use the Remote Administration of a regular Windows Vista or Windows XP Pro to evaluate thin clients and AnywhereTS. Remote Administration uses the same method for publishing a desktop as a Terminal Server does, but is limited to a single user.

This is a quick and easy way to verify that AnywhereTS works on your PCs, and see what the overall end user experience will be like.

  1. Download AnywhereTS. Install on a Windows Vista or Windows XP Pro.
  2. Use AnywhereTS to generate a thin client.
    You can generate either CD boot or network boot image, but setting up network boot requires the machines to be on a private hub/switch, as network boot otherwise will interfere with other DHCP servers on your network. CD boot works without special DHCP support, but requires burning a CD-R disc.
  3. Turn on Remote Administration so the client can connect to it.
  4. Boot the generated soft thin client image on another PC. You might need to turn on CD boot or PXE network boot in the BIOS settings. When the client has booted and connected to the workstation PC, you should be able to log into the workstation machine and run applications.

Did you manage in 15 minutes? You can clock your own experience and share it in the support forum.