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AnywhereTS - the quickest way to Soft Thin Clients

AnywhereTS is a free Windows application that generates custom-made soft thin clients out of regular PC computers. You can repurpose existing PCs into thin clients instead of trashing them and buying new thin clients.

The AnywhereTS application is built like a wizard, asking you step by step what is needed to custom design soft thin clients for your environment. Choices include booting method, client hardware drivers, screen sizes, which servers to connect to etc.

The generated soft thin clients can either be network booted, CD booted or floppy booted. Network boot requires network cards (NICs) on the PCs with Intel PXE support. You can either use AnywhereTS DHCP/TFTP servers, or specify your own existing servers.

The configuration application can be run on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, or directly on the Windows server. If you run it directly on the server, AnywhereTS will automatically set up and configure any needed DHCP and/or TFTP server your new thin clients will need.

AnywhereTS is a free tool for creating an unlimited amount of thin clients. AnywhereTS users also get a FREE license to enable AnywhereTS Pro functionality for managing 5 thin clients!


Download AnywhereTS and experience the benefits of thin clients today!