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How to set up a DHCP server for PXE boot

Your DHCP server must support DHCP options in order for PXE boot to work.

These are the options you must set:
option 60 = PXEClient
option 66 = <your server's IP number>
option 67 = client.zpxe

If you are using a Microsoft DHCP server here is an example how you can configure it:

1) Install the Microsoft DHCP server
2) Add the scope that you want to use for AnywhereTS
3) Go to start\run and type cmd <ENTER>
4) Type the following commands (in bold):

netsh dhcp>server \\
<server name or IP address>
netsh dhcp server>add optiondef 60 PXEClient String 0 comment=PXE support
netsh dhcp server>set optionvalue 60 STRING PXEClient
netsh dhcp server>exit
netsh dhcp>exit

5) Open the DHCP Manager under Administrative Tools and add the scope option's:

option 60 = PXEClient
option 66 =
<your server's IP number> (the IP of the computer that is running AnywhereTS)
option 67 = client.zpxe

6) See if your DHCP scope is active, if not activate it.