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What is Thin Clients?

Thin Clients means using smaller and simpler ("thinner") computers on the end-users' desks, and moving the heavy computing to the server. Many large corporations now use thin clients instead of office PCs because they lead to large savings in maintenance cost and increased reliability. Using thin clients means centralizing computer resources and using replaceable clients for the end users. It also allows end users to log in from any desk, and even to allow users to connect from home or while traveling.
These thin clients are usually small boxes that replaces the office PC. Even though they are simpler than an office PC, they usually have similar cost, and require additional investments to buy equal to the original investments in PC hardware. These small boxes are usually called "dedicated" thin clients.
AnywhereTS is a novel concept of turning the already existing office PCs into thin clients, eliminating the dedicated thin client investment, and giving a smooth and gradual upgrade from regular office PCs to thin clients. We call them soft thin clients; office PCs that act like dedicated thin clients.
With soft thin clients, end users can keep their existing PC and no hardware purchases need to be made. This defers investment in dedicated thin clients and ensures smooth a upgrade path from office PCs to thin clients.
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Examples of dedicated thin clients